Mission Statement: Our mission at LDN Information Management is provide information and updates on the benefits and advancements in Low Dose Naltrexone as well as provide "Ancillary Revenue." Our information is accurate and relevant. It is readily available to share with doctors, patients, and anyone that is curious about LDN and other ways to increase revenue. 

Accumulating evidence suggests that LDN can promote health-supporting immune-modulation, which may reduce various oncogenic and inflammatory autoimmune processes. Since LDN can upregulate endogenous opioid activity, it may also have a role in promoting stress resilience, exercise, social bonding, and emotional well being, as well as amelioration of psychiatric problems such as autism and depression. 

Immune Therapuetics

A specialty pharmaceutical company involved in the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of our novel patented therapies to combat chronic, life-threatening diseases through the activation and modulation of the body’s immune system.   The Company’s technology platform is built on two different immunotherapies, Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and Methionine-Enkephalin (MENK). 


Cytocom, Inc. develops drugs for oncological and inflammatory diseases which include low dose naltrexone and methionine-enkephalin. The company is based in the United States. Cytocom, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Immune Therapeutics.


“Engaging Maxim is paramount in the company's maturation that will enable the strategic positioning of Immune Therapeutics for investors and, in turn, increase its capacity to reach as many people who will benefit from its proprietary immune therapy,” said Immune Therapeutics Chief Executive Officer, Noreen Griffin.

Ritesh Veera, Managing Director of Maxim Group, commented, "We are delighted to partner with Immune Therapeutics, Inc. in the financial and value creation components of its corporate strategy through our full-service investment banking capabilities. We are looking forward to working with Immune Therapeutics to assist with strategic planning, developing strategic partnerships, advising on potential acquisitions and introducing the company to the investment community."

Fidson & GB Pharma Holdings

With the support of GB Pharma Holdings, Immune Therapeutics Incorporation [OTCQB: IMUN], and American Hospitals & Resorts, Fidson will gain from this partnership exclusive distribution rights to the internationally recognized immune therapy LodonalTM (Low Dose Naltrexone). It is expected that such collaboration will bring global recognition to Fidson's pharmaceutical enterprise.  

GB Pharma Holdings is a Washington D.C. global Pharmaceutical company with expertise in defining policies, facilitating approvals, distribution and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) and introducing innovative therapies to Africa. GB Pharma Holdings was established in order to be on the forefront of change and is dedicated to bringing cost effective and quality products to Africa. We are able to link new technologies, science and education together to be a cause for good. GB Pharma Holdings core focus is twofold; manufacturing cGMP quality pharmaceuticals and helping existing government agencies develop testing and regulations to purge counterfeit and sub-potent products out of their respective countries.




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