Lodonal (LDN) for my Dog

"I used LDN for my dog who was dx’d with lymphoma and given 3 weeks to live.  He could not keep food down, had terrible diarrhea, had lost a lot of weight and was so weak he could not go for walks with us anymore.  With the help of LDN he regained all his weight, stools returned to normal, he was hiking with us again and playing with our other dog.  He lived for 10 more months of high quality time.  Had I known about LDN sooner, he might have lived a lot longer, but I was so grateful for the additional time we had with him.  His recovery didn’t happen overnight—it was a gradual return to health over a couple of months.  I think there is very little downside, and tremendous upside potential, so you don’t have anything to lose."