Old pets feeling young again because of Lodonal (LDN)

"Two weeks ago our 13 year old pittie – Petunia – was lethargic, throwing up, not eating, not at all herself. Had lost 6 pounds in 1 month. We had our house vet come out, and she said it’s very likely lymphoma. We started her on IV’s that weekend to keep her hydrated. She still seemed to feel horrible, and we felt her life was short lived. Then I had the idea of LDN for her – and immediately mixed 10, 4.5 mg capsules with 45 mg’s water [per what I’ve found online]. I’ve been giving her 2.1 mg’s [.33 X her weight] for about 10-days now, and she is a NEW DOG. She is running and barking again, eating with vigor. It has been amazing to see. I hope this continues, but do want people her to know.. this works QUICKLY in dogs. At least it did in mine"