LDN for Horses and Animals

I use the LDN with my dogs (and horses) all the time. It is priceless for just about everything. To do that, I dissolve a 50 mg pill in 50 ml of water. Each ml of water contains 1 mg of naltrexone. 

I use the formula of .03 mg per pound, so a 30 pound dogs gets .03 X 30 = .9 mg of naltrexone, or .9 cc (ml) of the solution. A 50 pound dog gets about 1.5 mg of naltrexone or 1.5 ml of the solution.

I simply squirt it in their mouths from a 3 cc syringe (with no needle, of course). It is bitter, so if you want to mix it with some broth, or put it in their food, that works just as well. 

In my personal experience, I have found that for my dogs, treating every other day is as effective as treating every day, so a schedule is not terribly important, other than not re-treating in under 24 hours. 

If you have horses, I use about 5 mg with a 550 pound Caspian Horse, and about 6 mg for a 1,000 pound Friesian. Horses (and to a lesser extent dogs) do not have well developed bitter taste buds. I have seen horses eat thistles that are beyond bitter to us. So, the taste has never been a factor in treating my animals. 

I hope this helps, I love Salukis,