How to Improve Feline Health?

Cats are very independent but just like us, it's always nice to have a helping hand. Oral care appears to be the largest issue with cats. Cats on LDN helps balance the immune system which will help fight against dental disease or even disorders of the skin. LDN can also help your aging cat live happy and health on it last leg of life. LDN releases endorphins causes pets (and humans) to be happier and healthier. For every problem there is a solution and we are happy to help in anyway we can at LDNIM. 

Arlene Weintraub of Fierce Pharma Animal talks about the health of our beloved felines. She says, "About 28% of the cats had suffered dental diseases, making oral health the most prevalent problem reported in the study. Disorders of the skin and urinary tract affected 12% of cats in the study. These diseases occurred at similar rates in both purebreds and nonpedigree cats, but the purebreds suffered significantly higher rates of genital and cardiac diseases, according to the paper.

Interest in enhancing feline health is growing around the world. In July, the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery devoted an entire issue to healthy aging in cats, providing tips for veterinarians on how to help cat owners maintain musculoskeletal health, cognitive functioning and more."