Health-monitoring Ear Tags For Cows

Fierce Pharma writes an interesting article discussing a health-monitoring ear tag for cows as cost saver. On my initial impression I thought this was a pitch to sell million of little tags and eventually farmers would be forced to buy them especially if FDA mandates it. That would be a nice little pay day for the creators of the ear tags. However after reading more about it and seeing all the benefits it has, I think it could be a great idea. It will save time, energy, and most importantly money. You can tell which cows are actually sick oppose to dealing with cows that may look like it but aren't, or cows that are sick and the farmer would have had no idea. Saving 15% on medicare per animal doesn't seem like a lot but when you calculate how many cows there are that adds up to a pretty big number. Plus knowing which cows need attention makes administering Low Dose Naltrexone easier. Although LDN can be beneficial to every animal whether healthy or sick, if you are on a budget (even though LDN is one of less expensive drugs on the market) these tags pin point which cows NEED to be on LDN. 

"An increasing number of cattle ranchers are embracing wireless sensors that clip to cows’ ears and help them monitor the activity levels and feeding patterns of their animals. The tags are paired with software packages that producers can use to analyze herd health over time. Such technology could also improve methods for detecting early signs of disease.

Several companies are angling to grab a piece of the growing market for high-tech ear tags, including Southfork Solutions, Precision Animal Solutions and Quantified Ag, according to the Wall Street Journal. The companies say their technology can save livestock producers 15% in medication costs per animal."