Third Hand Smoke Dangers to Pets

Thirdhand smoke refers to residues that end up in a smoker’s environment, such as on furniture, clothes, carpets and pets’ fur and skin. Nicotine is particularly sticky, the FDA warns, and when it interacts with other chemicals in the air, such as nitrous acid from gas-burning stoves, it forms cancer-causing compounds.

“Like children, dogs and cats spend most of their time on or near the floor, where the tobacco smoke compounds concentrate in house dust, carpets, and rugs,” the FDA alert says. “Pets can also ingest tobacco smoke compounds by licking their owner’s hair, skin, and clothes.” And thirdhand smoke is almost impossible to remove from clothing and other surfaces, the FDA adds. - Fierce Pharma

Well if this isn't motivation enough to quite smoking... Not only is smoking extremely harmful to your self, it is harmful to all those around you. Your family, your friends, and your pets. We know quitting isn't easy, but think about the lives around you. You should be adding to their health and happiness, not depriving them of it. Often times if its your pet, your going to be the one thats going to end up paying the medical bill as well. Take care of your pets and your self :)