LDN 4 PETS @ Yahoo Group

"I take my LDN in the morning when I take my thyroid, and I give the horses their LDN when being fed in the mid mornings. The dogs get it sometime during the day as well. It has worked for all of them. Is it optimal? I have no idea. If the LDN is not working in the daytime for your pets, then surely giving it a try at night is a good idea. For me, that has not been a problem." 

If you ever have any questions about how LDN helps your pets feel free to ask us or join this wonderful Yahoo group with hundreds of pet owners with their pets on LDN. They discuss every thing from what is the best time for the pet to take LDN, the different kind of diseases LDN can help, to the different pets the different diseases can help. It is very informative and information is power these days. Ask away!