FDA to Ask for Publics Opinion on Antibiotics

"Specifically, the FDA is concerned about medically important antibiotics that are added to animal feed or water to address at least one therapeutic indication--but that don’t have a defined duration of use, according to a statement from the agency. About 32% of antibiotics that are subject to the FDA’s new rules fall into that category. The FDA is asking the public for suggestions on how it should establish appropriate durations of use for those products." - Fierce Pharma

This is an interesting tactic by the FDA. We at LDNIM are in support of less antibiotics. We still want our animals to be strong and protected. There are a lot of side effects these antibiotics are creating. The organic GMO free craze is taking America by storm. We want have the ability to say less antibiotics because we have a solution to solve this problem. Animals can take LDN just like humans can. A study shows pigs grow to be bigger and stronger post weaning when taking LDN than the piglets not taking LDN. This is most likely similar for calves, horses, or chickens. The FDA is asking the people for their opinion. Do your research and don't be afraid to voice your opinion!