Should Your Pet Get a Vaccination??

Well the Pros over at Phrama Health say that you should get your pets vaccinated. For the health of the pet and also for the health of the humans around the dog. There are many types of prevention for animals but we being LDNIM, know and trust LDN to help. See what The Animal Health Group has to say about Pet Vaccinations. 

"Several questions persist about whether some pet vaccines are necessary, particularly those that have entered the market recently to fight canine flu. But most veterinarians advise pet owners that traditionally prescribed vaccines like rabies and distemper are vital. Leptospirosis is a newer vaccine, but it has also been generally endorsed by the vet community.

HealthforAnimals is hoping to tackle many owners’ vaccine anxieties head on with its guide. In a statement, the group said that human cases of rabies can be reduced nearly to zero if 70% of a local dog population is vaccinated. It added that vaccines may help reduce antibiotics use in animals, which has been fingered as a major cause of the rise of antibiotic-resistant superbugs in people. 

“Prevention is better than cure," the organization’s executive director, Carel du Marchie Sarvaas, said in a statement. "By ensuring animal health and wellbeing through vaccination, as well as herd health plans and proper hygiene, we can also work towards reducing our use of antibiotics.”