There is a Safer Alternative... And It's Lodonal!

Arlene Weintraub states, "Shares of Phibro Animal Health ($PAHC) have fallen more than 40% from their 12-month high of $37, as the New Jersey company has come under pressure from the changing regulatory environment for antibiotics used in food production. Many of the company’s customers were already looking for alternatives to Phibro’s antibiotic-based products when, in April, the FDA announced it would withdraw its approval of Mecadox (carbadox), the company’s antibiotic for pigs, on concerns that it leaves trace amounts of cancer-causing residues in pork."

There are so many scary drugs and products our there on the market today. The side effects are dangerous.. so more drugs and products are often used to counter the side effects causing more problems. It is a never ending cycle. However with Lodonal, it is safe, pet friendly, and cost effective. Lodonal has been proven to keep pets healthy especially pigs and even help them gain weight post weaning to be the healthiest pig possible. Ashley Christine Carter writes her thesis on this very topic. Read it here and see the wonders of what Lodonal can do for your animals.