Patient Testimonies of Using LDN on Animals

"I stick with that formula as a start, on medium sized animals. The ratio breaks down at the extremes. for instance, we use 5 mg for our 500 pound Caspian Horses and Friesian colts. We use 6 mg for full sized 1,000 pound horses. But for animals from like 10-200 pounds the formula that was developed has served well. If there is an adjustment made, it is to take the full dosage to every other day instead of every day. This correlates with maximizing the time of rebound. The problem is that you have to take enough to trigger that rebound, and if you take too little, then nothing happens. There is a lower level where below that, it simply does not do any good, except to acclimate the person or pet to the LDN, but it is not actually helping, and pets don't need acclimating, in my opinion.

Does that make sense? With a kennel of 40+ dogs, and a ranch of 50+ horses, plus both pet and feral barn cats, we have had probably more experience with the use of LDN in animals than any other user. I for sure don't know it all and I come on these groups to learn, as well as share what I have learned. To that end, I have changed my thoughts and opinions over time with the experiences of others."