Lodonal and Pets in the Winter

"When pet owners take their dogs and cats to the vet for checkups, they want to know on the spot if there are any health issues they need to address--and they’re willing to pay to get the information fast. IDEXX Laboratories ($IDXX) recognized this trend years ago and responded with a host of diagnostic tests that can diagnose common health problems in pets in minutes. Judging from the company’s third-quarter earnings, announced on November 1, it’s reaping the rewards from being an early mover in the rapidly growing market for animal diagnostics." - Fierce Animal

It seems pet trends always tend to follow human trends. WebMD and other website that offer immediate results for health care problems have gained immense popularity. Now you can find similar sites that analyze your pets health just by common symptoms. However, as person who takes Lodonal themselves and have given it dogs and cats and seen incredible results, we recommend when you have a problem you try Lodonal. Most disease happen when the immune system breaks down. On Lodonal it helps strengthen your immune system and prevent you from major disease but also the common cold. Now that its getting cold again lots of animals will have a  tougher time. Try Lodonal and see the incredible change that we have see ourselves.