Patient Testimonial

"we had an Airedale who weighed about 70 pounds when he was healthy.  He was dx’d with lymphoma and given 4 weeks to live.  They recommended chemo, which we declined.  We consulted by phone with Skip at Skip’s pharmacy in Boca Raton (who is an expert on the use of LDN in people and in animals).  He suggested a dose of 1.5 mg of LDN and we had it compounded.  At the vet’s recommendation we put the dog on a course of antibiotics followed by prednisone.  When the antibiotics were finished, we started the prednisone and the LDN and continued on the LDN while we ramped down on the pred.  Within 3 months our dog had regained all the weight he had lost, the vomiting and diarrhea had stopped and all the swelling in the peripheral lymph nodes had disappeared.  Our dog was back to hiking with us and rough housing with his ‘brother’.  He lived for another 6 months of good quality time before finally succumbing.  I often think we might still have him if we had known about LDN sooner."

It's amazing to hear these stories and we are honored to share them with you. Hope you can have the same success with your pets!