Grant for cancer immunology discoveries in dogs to people

"Immuno-oncology--the effort to boost the immune system’s ability to fight cancer--is among the hottest areas of cancer research, and it has already yielded a handful of blockbuster drugs. But some patients don’t respond well to treatment, and scientists still don’t quite understand why. To help improve the understanding of the immune system, as well as the therapies being developed to engage it in the fight against cancer, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is funding a major study in pet dogs that have naturally occurring tumors.

The NIH recently awarded a $500,000 grant to fund the research, which is led by Jonathan Levitt, associate professor of pathology and immunology at Baylor University. Levitt will work with veterinarians at Texas A&M, the University of Florida, the Animal Medical Center of New York and the Technical University of Denmark to try to better understand how cancer interacts with the immune system of dogs. Their ultimate goal is to determine whether that interaction is similar to what happens in people. If it is, dogs that develop cancer naturally could someday be included in clinical trials of new immuno-oncology treatments for people." - Arlene Weintraub

I hope they know about LDN and can utilize that $500k appropriately. LDN and MENK have both been proven to treat cancer in both pets and humans. This is an exciting time for all parties as medical advances are growing exponentially.  A dogs life is often ended too soon and how amazing would it be to have another couple years with your dog. Another couple healthy fulfilling years? It would be very nice. We are very interested to see what Levitt will find, but also excited for you and your pets to try LDN!