Immune Therapeutics Announces NAFDAC Approval of Lodonal™ for the Treatment of HIV in Nigeria

"The approval is for a one-day Immune System Regulator for the management of HIV/AIDS, which is based on the results of the Company’s 90-Day bridging trial in Nigeria that resulted in a 44% increase in CD4 Count versus an 11% increase for standard of care patients.  Additionally, there was a reduction in opportunistic infections plus several Phase II multi-center, randomized studies that demonstrated improvements for patients treated with Lodonal when compared to placebo or standard of care."

"Receiving regulatory approval from one of Africa’s most stringent regulatory bodies is a resounding endorsement for Lodonal, Immune Therapeutics’ breakthrough therapy for patients with life-threatening diseases such as HIV/AIDS,” said Noreen Griffin, Chief Executive Officer of Immune Therapeutics, Inc.  “We thank our partners in Africa – our exclusive agent, GB Pharma Holdings and AHAR Pharma Limited – for working with Immune Therapeutics to achieve this critical and exciting milestone and look forward to their ongoing support and guidance as we prepare to enter into commercialization."