Lodonal is the most affordable!

The pharmaceutical industry is a pricey one to say the least. To get medication it often breaks the bank, but that shouldn't be the case anymore. Unfortunately prices continue to sky rocket even for new drugs being approved this last year. 

"The New Jersey-based pharma’s strategy is to offer a lower list price in combination with a discount. Zepatier’s price of $54,600 for a standard 12-week treatment period is significantly lower than the $94,500 wholesale price for Harvoni and the $83,300 tag for AbbVie’s Viekira. Even though experts have previously projected a 15% market share—$2 billion in 2020 sales—for Zepatier, it’s become even harder for others to shake Gilead’s dominant position as its new hep C combo Epclusa was approved in June." - Angus Liu 

LodonaL on the other hand cost around a dollar a day after a doctors visit. That totals around $360 dollars a year. Not over $50,000 for 12 weeks. Imagine having and extra $50,000 dollars in your bank account just because you switched to Lodonal. Lodonal has proven to be effective against Hep C and many other serious illness that are costly to the body and the wallet. It is also important to mention the limited to no side effects with Lodonal. Some doctors say it is safer than aspirin... Ask about Lodonal and see the incredible benefits it has to offer.