LDN for MS. Results are Amazing...

"Dr Bihari has had approximately 400 patients with MS in his care. Of that group, he knows of only two patients who showed signs or symptoms of new disease activity over the years while taking LDN treatment. One was a 41-year old woman who, after 18 months on LDN, had an episode of optic neuritis which cleared in 4 weeks. The other was a patient who, after 8 months on LDN, had an episode of numbness in the left leg that had not been experienced previously and which cleared after 3 weeks. 

Dr. Skip Lenz where many of us get our LDN from states, "If I had MS, the only drug that I would be taking is LDN. In 4 years of dispensing LDN, with over 10,000 patient months, I have heard of only three cases of exacerbation... this is truly a no-brainer. I would find someone to prescribe it no matter the cost or effort."

Lucky for us LDN or Lodonal is easy to prescribe and it is extremely cost efficient. Check out these staggering statistics and if you still aren't sold on LDN, please email us with your concern and we will be happy to chat. What do you have to lose... the only side effect is a little sleep disturbance, but who doesn't have that in their daily life anyways.