NIC Talks - Ken Dycthwald

This week Ken addressed global leaders in the senior care and housing industries in Washington DC as part of the NIC conference.  He was asked to tell them how the boomers will transform aging and how aging will transform them. 

Although he never mentions LDN, there are a lot comments that are related. LDN rebuilds T-Cells which has anti aging properites. LDN could contribute to those extra 10-20 years he is talking about. As our society gets older we need to be much smarter. It will be very interesting to see how the baby boomer does come the retirement era of their life. It will also be interesting when the X Gen start getting to the point where they could potentially retire but because of advances in medication it could be a completely different story. LDN can help people get those extra years on their life but how they spend them is up to them. Ken makes some great points for both aspects.