New Era for Farm Animals

 An article by Arlene Weintraub of Fierce Pharma writes,  "In January, mandatory rules instituted by the FDA will prohibit companies from selling antibiotics for non-medical uses like promoting growth, and they will require farmers who want to use antibiotics in their animals to get the drugs from veterinarians. Elanco predicts the new rules will shift the food industry’s mindset from treating diseases to preventing it--and the company wants to be on the forefront of that transition, offering a range of new vaccines for farm animals, according to Bloomberg.“We see a world where there is less need for shared-use antibiotics,” Elanco President Jeff Simmons told Bloomberg. “There are going to be more alternatives than ever before.”

The new antibiotics rules were developed in response to growing global concerns about the rise of drug-resistant infections in people. In conjunction with the changes, the FDA and other regulatory agencies are stepping up their surveillance of antibiotics use on farms." 

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