Are You an Entrepreneur?

Statistics about Entrepreneurs
1) The average age of company founders when they started their current companies is 40.
2) Less than 1% came from extremely rich or extremely poor backgrounds.
3) 70% were married when they launched their first business.
4) 60% had at least one child when they launched their first business (and 44% had two or more children).
5) The majority of respondents (75.4 percent) had worked as employees at other companies for more than six years before launching their own companies.

The best time to invest in your self was 20 years ago. The second best time is now! Don't let the fear of being to late stop you from pursuing your dreams. Time is an illusion. Go after what makes you happy. Shoot for the moon and the worst thing that could happen is you land on a star. I believe in you, do you?