LDN for Pets Testimonials

Low Dose Naltrexone is not just for you! It works wonders for your dog or your cat. Many people have given LDN to their pets and to their surprise, the pet's pain goes away. I witnessed examples where a dog with a tumor has been given only a couple days left, but quickly placed on LDN by the owners choice the dog is thriving three months later. Also his energy has returned as if he was 5 years old again keeping up with their new puppy. 


Jan 29,

“Yes, I truly believe LDN will help your cat! I have my Hershey on it for about a year and his immune system has improved GREATLY....”


Jun 22

“I used LDN in conjunction with turmeric paste and acupuncture when my 15 year old 3 legged German Shepherd came down with vestibular syndrome. Luci had another 6 months of quality life until she passed. “


May 2

“My elderly cat has suffered from IBD all his life. A few years back I started him on ldn, and I saw an improvementfor him. I could tell that his pain level was much lower. I felt so grateful that he is getting relief.”



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