Low Dose Naltrexone for Crohn's Disease

Tired of needles or other treatments that aren't extremely effective in helping with Crohn's. LDN has been proven to help with Crohns and allows you to get back to a normal healthy life. LDN targets your immune system balancing it out. It also is an anti-inflammatory. Both of which Crohn's effects. Don't  wait, find a doctor near you to prescribe LDN and Live the Dream Now. 


RESULTS: Twelve patients received naltrexone 4.5 mg/day. Duration (mean ±SD) of naltrexone treatment was 46 ±75 weeks (maximum 270 weeks). One patient withdrew after 8 weeks owing to insomnia. Positive clinical responses were reported in 6/12 patients. Two clinical responders had colonoscopy before and after naltrexone and each had complete mucosal healing. 

CONCLUSIONS: Adjunctive low dose naltrexone is safe and may be effective in ulcerative colitis patients who are failing conventional therapy. A double blind study is required owing to a high placebo rate in ulcerative colitis. - Leonard B. Weinstock, MD, FACG