Alternative Medicine for Kids with Crohn's

 "Information was collected on the potential use of naltrexone to improve clinical Crohn’s disease activity. Based upon the validated PCDAI scoring system, subjects treated with naltrexone for 8 weeks had significant decreases in the activity scores from baseline suggesting improvement in the Crohn’s disease. At the completion of the study, twenty–five percent achieved a clinical remission and sixty-seven percent had a significant response to therapy which is higher than what would be expected for a spontaneous response. In our prior adult clinical trials 19, we found that naltrexone improved clinical activity scores in over 85% of adults. The current pilot trial suggests that children may also respond to naltrexone." - Jill P. Smith, M.D., Douglas Field, M.D., [...], and David Mauger, Ph.D. 

Crohns is a serious autoimmune disease that effects millions of lives! Not only does it effect adults but it also effects many children as well. It effects their ability to play, their ability to be compete, their ability to learn important life skills that being active can teach. By taking LDN there can be a way of treating Crohns. A lot of "treatments" for Crohns also involve needles and we all know how much kids hate needles. We know how much everyone hates needles. Not only has LDN been proven to be more effective for helping Crohn's it is also easily orally taken that melts in water when you take it. It also taste like peppermint! There are alternative options for Crohn's that are much more effective and LDN is at the top of the list. Check out our disease page to see how LDN helps Crohn's.