LDN for Your Dog!




"Dogs’ livers break down naltrexone MUCH faster than peoples’ livers. So, it takes a bigger dose than you would think necessary to get blood levels that are equivalent to what you have when people take the doses that are recommended for them. If I had a large dog I would dose them with a normal ‘human’ dose two times every evening, with the second dose being given around two and a half hours after the first. If possible, dose titration to effect would be desirable." - That Crazy Pharmacist

Patients Testimonial -

"My dog was not eating much and acting very sad.  He was diagnosed as having a slightly inflamed pancreas and prostrate.   After about 4-6 weeks on LDN (and very low fat food for the pancreatitis) he is back to behaving the way he used to.  It is a joy to watch.  The vet puts it down to the 2 courses of antibiotics they put him on.  I put it down to LDN. I feel like it rescued him from a slow and painful decline. I give 1.4mg for a 50 lb dog. So, so glad I heard about this!" - Barbara K. 

"I used LDN in conjunction with turmeric paste and acupuncture when my 15 year old 3 legged German Shepherd came down with vestibular syndrome. Luci had another 6 months of quality life until she passed." - Beth