MENK to help HIV/AIDS Patients

"We are proposing that AIDS patients have deficiency of MEK, in addition to other lymphokines such as IL-2 (Lane et al., 1985) Replacement therapy with MEK may retard the progression of the disease by activating and increasing NK-K-LAK cells that destroy HIV. Cytotoxic cell activity has been found to be markedly depressed in HIV-postiive patients (Plata et al., 1988). Ito is possible that treatment of asymptomatic HIV-positive patients with MEK may prevent conversion to ARC and AIDS status by activating NK-K-LAK cells. In addition, MEK may be found useful as an adjuvant to vaccine development for the team of HIV-positive patients (hoeing et al., 1988)." - Nicholas P Plotnikoff

Stats don't lie. MEK or MENK as its called now can help with HIV/AIDS and other autoimmune diseases as well. The best part about it is that its affordably and doesn't take up half the commercial listing side effects. There are beyond many great benefits of MENK. If you are still suffering from an autoimmune disease and want to get better, there is no better way. If you want to read more about it for yourself please check out the full article here. (Methionine Enkephalin - MEK, MENK)