Novartis CEO predicts drug pricing overhaul in U.S. after the election, whoever wins

In a great article by Tracy Staton on Fierce Pharma, she discusses the state of drug prices no matter who becomes president. 

"In an interview with the Financial Times, Jimenez (Novartis CEO) predicted that pricing pressures in the U.S. will only increase when a new administration takes over, whether that administration is helmed by Democrat Hillary Clinton or Republican Donald Trump. “We believe that, no matter which candidate wins, we will see a more difficult pricing environment in the U.S.,” Jimenez told the Financial Times. He also predicts that results-based drug payments would cut overall healthcare costs. "If you move to that kind of pricing system over a period of years, you will be able to take out a lot of waste," he said last year." Tracy Staton.

Well we couldn't agree more with Joe Jimenez and Tracy Staton. Payments should be paid based on results. Drugs that help save our lives should not break the bank "so to speak", adding more stress, adding more health problems. We currently have a vicious cycle in the health care system. With LDN it is affordable, easy to maintain, and with little side effects causing other concerns and stress. Times are changing more quickly than ever. Are you prepared?