Alzheimer's Treated with increase in dopamine levels by Lodonal (LDN)

"Back in 2014, Pfizer teamed up with Akili Interactive Labs to see if a video game could really detect early signs of Alzheimer’s. Now, the pair is presenting data showing that Akili’s tech can differentiate between patients with and without brain amyloidosis, and could lay the foundation for a noninvasive way to detect amyloid deposits in the brain." - Amirah Al Idrus

Well this is pretty innovative. We hope this helps people detect early Alzheimers and allow them to address it immediately. If you unfortunately do have Alzheimers Lodonal is a wonderful treatment that has helped a lot of people. If you are afraid of getting Alzheimer's Lodonal is great for keeping the immune system healthy and fighting against diseases like Alzheimer's. The mental and physical slowness that we see in Alzheimer's is likely related to the low level of dopamine. "Lodonal via both opiod and nonopioid receptors, and via direct and indirect actions - modulates inflammatory response and the level of endogenous opioids and dopamine. It is involved in the pleasure and reward: in memory and motor control; in acitvation, arousal, and cognition; and in reward-motivating behavior. Dopamine facilitates attachment and love and altruism; it also helps to integrate thoughts and feelings." Lodonal is a wonderful option for Alzheimer's and there price is one of the lowest on the market for about $1 a day and basically no side effects. Seems like a no brainer (pun intended).