Lodonal is Affordable and Safe

"Vaccines are causing more autism cases among kids? Frontiers in Public Health recently accepted a survey-based research effort—decidedly unscientific in design—suggesting it's so. Now, after receiving heavy criticism, the publisher has retracted the abstract.
In February, Vaccine, another peer-reviewed journal focused specifically on vaccines, took down a paper linking Merck & Co.’s human papillomavirus shot Gardasil with behavior problems in mice. The scientists involved in that study was also found to be heavily funded by anti-vaccination groups." Fierce Pharma discusses these studies that keep getting retracted. When lives are at stake, it is discouraging to know that people put out corrupt information so that it can help make the company an extra dollar. Especially all the money that is given to finding a cure for cancer, and the best solution we have accepted is chemo and radiation?

First of all we are not doctors, just researchers and what we have found is an overwhelming amount of anti-success stories of chemo. One person reported that 95% of chemo patients don't live longer than 5 years after receiver chemo. Yet chemo is the number 1 option doctors recommend. It is the biggest money maker for them and the biggest scam. If you do happen to go down the path of chemo, Lodonal (LDN) can work as a great adjunctive therapy as it boost and regulates your immune systme while chemo is destroying your immune system. As our research would suggest, we would recommend just taking Lodonal as a stand alone therapy for cancer or for an autoimmune disease like Crohns, HIV, or Lupus. Lodonal continues to do more trials but the evidence out there today fully supports the success of Lodonal as a treatment. Besides Lodonal being a great treatment for a lot of illnesses, it is very cost friendly around $1 a day and practically zero side effects. We believe Lodonal is the answer for you.