Lodonal and Cancer Treatments

Some say we have found a cure for cancer while others say there will never be a cure. We are firm believers there will be a cure and perhaps there is a cure. We have seen what many would call a miracle time and time again with Lodonal. Lodonal has treated thousands of patients for various types of cancers. The results are incredible and the best part is how safe the drug is. Lodonal works by boosting ones own immune system by increasing endorphins, which increase T and B cells and Natural killer cells. This allows the body it self to attack the cancer cells. There have been no long term side effects reported and rarely there are slight sleep disturbances reported for the first couple times taking Lodonal which generally goes away. .

"RESULTS: OGF and LDN markedly reduced ovarian tumor burden (tumor nodule number and weight). The mechanism of action was targeted to an inhibition of tumor cell proliferation and angiogenesis; no changes in cell survival were noted.

CONCLUSIONS: This study shows that a native opioid pathway can suppress human ovarian cancer in a xenograft model, and provides novel non-toxic therapies for the treatment of this lethal neoplasia."