Treatment for Parkinons Lodonal (LDN)

"Parkinson’s patients typically take drugs to control physical symptoms, which worsen over time. The blood-brain barrier, which stops almost all small and large molecules from entering the brain, has been an obstacle to the development for neurotherapeutic drugs." - Fierce Pharma

We are always looking at autoimmune diseases and looking how other people are treating them. There are a lot of options out there to treat something like Parkinson's. We have found success with Lodonal as it works well for all autoimmune diseases. It appears that the Lodonal (LDN) works by increasing serum beta endorphin and metenkekphlin levels thereby through their immune system regulations the inflammatory process. This subsequently stops the neuronal scarring that underlies the pathoophysiollogy of the disease. 

PS. Since the neuropathology ad neurophysiology of progressive supra nuclear pals, pallid parameter degeneration and Holervarden Spotz disease are so similar to that of Parkinson's disease they are highly likely to respond to LDN as well.