Proof Endorphins Help the Immune System

This is a fascinating read about how endorphins improve ones immune system. Lodonal is known to produce 300% more endorphins each time it's taken. This article discuss the powerful effect Lodonal has on the body by letting it help it self. 

Here's some information about exercise, endorphins and disease:

"Bernard Bihari, MD, says, "[Exercise is] a very good way to boost endorphins, and boost immune function. There is no question that people who do aerobic exercise—the kind of exercise associated with cardiovascular fitness—have raised endorphins. That’s been demonstrated. One interesting study was carried out in San Francisco in people with AIDS, all of whom were going to gyms. They were divided into two groups—all men: men who went to the gym regularly just for bodybuilding purposes and did relatively little aerobic exercise; and men who went to the gym on a regular basis to do aerobic exercise with much less attention to bodybuilding and weight training. Both groups had AIDS. Both groups started out with the same level of disease progression. Over a five- year period, the death rate in the group who were going to the gym for bodybuilding was double that in the group who were doing aerobic exercise. The number of opportunistic infections—the serious infections that kill people with AIDS—was much higher. And it wasn’t because of a harmful effect of bodybuilding. It was rather that the aerobic exercise by raising endorphins strengthens immune function and thereby helps to sustain the immune system’s ability to fight HIV. That’s the one study I know of that closely ties exercise with better health, or reduced disease in a disease that is associated with low endorphins."