Lodonal and Obesity and Weight Loss

"Over the past decade, scientists have learned an important lesson about fat cells: Their color plays a vital role in metabolic health. White fat cells, or white adipocytes, get their color from triglycerides and other unhealthy substances, and their only function is to store energy. Too much white fat causes obesity and other complications, like diabetes and heart disease. Brown adipocytes, on the other hand, burn energy and protect against obesity. But what if we could turn white fat cells brown?"  - Arlene Weintraub from Fierce Pharma

This would be incredible if we could turn unhealthy fats into healthy fats. Obesity is a large problem in America and an especially growing problem with our youth. Although there have been troubles with changing "the color of the fat" Lodonal is a great alternative to weight loss. This results in decreased pleasure or reward associated with food consumption, especially addictive foods with high sugar and high fat. Other mechanisms that may contribute to weight loss from Lodonal include: hormonal alterations, metabolism enhancement, and/or neurochemical changes.  Keep in mind that although weight loss is a fairly common side effect of Lodonal, it is not a guarantee and the amount of weight lost will be individualized.