Interview with Dr. Guttorm Raknes and his journey w/ LDN

Dr. Guttorm Raknes works as a consultant and researcher at the Regional Medicines Information and Pharmacovigilance Centre (RELIS) at the University Hospital of North Norway, Tromsø, Norway. In RELIS, he and his colleagues act as advisors for health professionals in drug-related issues, and are responsible for the processing of adverse event reports in the Norwegian health care system. 

How did LDN come to your attention?

A reporter from a Norwegian rheumatology patient magazine made me aware of LDN. She was interviewing me about an article I had written on off label prescribing and wanted to know how this applied to low dose naltrexone. I soon realized that LDN had many interesting features as an example of innovative off label use. I found it particularly interesting that this therapy was the result of a “bottom-up” process driven by patients and researchers apparently independent of the pharmaceutical industry or leading clinical research groups.

I found it particularly interesting that LDN therapy was the result of a “bottom-up” process driven by patients and researchers

The idea that naltrexone, originally used to treat opioid and alcohol addiction, should be efficacious against HIV, cancer and autoimmune diseases seems farfetched at first thought, but laboratory and animal research indicate potential and plausible mechanisms of action. There are even some small, randomized trials that show beneficial effects in multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease and fibromyalgia. Personally I am not 100% convinced that LDN is efficacious, it simply sounds too good to be true. Although there are an overwhelming number of patients reporting baffling effects of LDN, the evidence in my opinion is far from sufficient to recommend it as standard treatment in any condition. On the other hand, there is no reason to dismiss LDN, and it deserves further investigation. It would be fantastic if future studies show that such a cheap and safe drug is as efficacious as the LDN proponents claim. It could change the lives of millions of patients, and potentially replace less safe and much more expensive drug.

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