Case of Lupus and Lodonal (LDN)


What were you diagnosed with: Lupus, sjogren's & spondylosis(C 5-6 & 6-7 herniated) 

Date Diagnosed: lupus- 2002 

Date of your latest results: Sept. 2014 

Prognosis prior to LDN ie: How was Health? Health was poor- flared from June 22 ( after minimal sun exposure) till second week of Dec.2014 when LDN regiment had been underway for a week. Results of 1.5 mg a bedtime for first month. Am now @ end of second month @ 3 mg. What an improvement w/my body symptoms. Cervical neck is only bother @ moment. 

Date starting on LDN: 12/09/2014 Age58

Side effects noted: none other than dreaming good returned. I had lost restful sleep when pain became over whelming. 

Any Comments or Advice you would like to give: I have Hope that research will continue w/ LDN and its usefulness in ending unnecessary suffering of a multitude of human illnesses. 

How would you Rate LDN 1 being poor and 10 being great: Off the charts at a 20 

What dose of LDN are you taking: 3 mg next month will try 4.5 mg per Primary care Doctor who has been a Blessing! 

Time taken: At Bedtime 

Prognosis NOW? ie: How is your health Now: SO MUCH BETTER-I sleep Good-dream awesome and wake up refreshed. I have not worked out side the home in 26 months....I feel like I could do light duty...Yippeee! 

Medications used prior to LDN: hydroxychloraquine(Plaquenil), side effects...eye infection first 3 days of beginning, super photo-sensitivity,hair loss,stomach pains,just to name a few. tramadol- I like to itched myself to Death...T'giving was horrible due to the side effects of these 2 together...I thought I was going crazy! My Rheumaproctologist did not like that...wanted me to double Plaq. in Nov. On visit 12-8-14 he charged me double for office visit due to side effects drugs he Rxed were causing me. why? 

Do you take your medication + LDN: Only my LDN, supplements Vit. E & omega 3 fish oil and multi Vitamin if I feel the need. None of the crap plaquenil or tramadol...And occasionally 3 orange baby aspirin....good for the heart and neck ache. 

Overall, has LDN been an effective therapy for you.: Yes, it is helping me and I will continue 

Where did you hear about this database: Browsing trying to get more info to help an autistic great nephew :-) 

Where did you hear about LDN first?: My Primary CARE doctor Raquel. She suggested I research LDN. Couldn't wait to begin after reading info. This Lady is better than the best. She wants to help the Whole person and If I had not found her I feel I would have ended my suffering due to not being able to cope. Depression had set in due to my Rheumy who had Rx'ed the offending meds. He did $5000 of blood work and was Dx'ing me on my Dermatologists 12 yo biopsy.