An example of why LDN isn't well known.

"Hi all I just wanted to let you guys know that here in NV I had trouble getting my vet to proscribe LDN. It was not that he did not want to it was that he was not allowed. He went to his board at the hospital where he works and they sent him the NV vet board who told him that it was below the standard of care and he should not proscribe it for Osteosarcoma. (Dumbest thing ever and my vet thought so too) It is OK to euthanize him but not ok to give him a low dose of a drug with little to no known side effects!!!###$$@^%!!!!! Basically they all think Osteo is an immediate death sentence anyway so I don’t see the issue. I ended up going to my MD and because I have fibromyalgia I was able to get it proscribed for me to try so I’ve got prescriptions for both 3 mg and 4.5 I am trying the 3 and giving Titan the 4.5 Solutions compounding pharmacy in Vegas was able to make it right up for me.

Hopefully in different states it is different."