21st Century Cures Act will most likely help Lodonal get FDA approval!

It’s official. The 21st Century Cures Act is now law. The law touches many aspects of healthcare. It will speed up the approval process for new drugs and medical devices, fund medical research to find new cures for diseases, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s disease, provide money to support the Precision Medicine Initiative, fight opioid addiction, expand access to mental health services and support health information technology goals, including electronic health record interoperability and data privacy and security."

Like we said in a previous article, patient testimonials would be very beneficial in helping getting Lodonal approved. Now that this act has been passed, patient testinionials will carry much more weight. There are countless positive reviews of Lodonal helping and evening saving lives. Of course nothing is perfect and there are few cases of Lodonal seeming not to work for them. Although there are probably underlying reasons for that, the number of positive testimonials dominate. There are scientific results Lodonal can treat Cancer and Alzheimer's like listed above. There has also been rumors that Lodonal can be beneficial in fight opioid addiction. After all it's parent drug Naltrexone is FDA approved for treating alcohol and drug addiction. Lodonal has a bright future ahead and will help many future lives.