Should Patient Testimonials Have Weight in our Health Care???

It’s true that testimonies represent only one facet of ‘health outcome evidence’. It’s also true that at present, Lodonal health success stories and case studies, along with a good safety profile, are still not sufficient to alleviate fear of litigation for those doctors who may want to offer Lodonal as a treatment option for their patients.

A collection of patient case studies can, however; build to provide sufficient evidence to challenge the status quo, and could be used to advocate for governments to initiate and fund clinical trials or pilot clinical network studies in the best interests of public health.

Patient testimony incorporated into our public health systems would add value:

(1) If patient testimony was incorporated into well-structured, centralized health systems free of conflicting interests that threaten data integrity, it would validate and complement other qualitative and quantitative evidence of health outcomes, as well as provide new and valuable insights that aid prioritization of public and private health research, and clinical network studies.

(2) And, if patient testimony was recorded in greater numbers as case studies, it would build into statistically significant volumes of qualitative and quantitative evidence in its own right. Through the sheer power of numbers, case studies could achieve their own ‘volume value’.