HIV/AIDS Awareness Day 2016

We are here today to celebrate the many lives that have been helped suffering from HIV/AIDS and here to honor the many lives that have been taken from us due to HIV/AIDS. This immune deficiency has been effecting people across the globe for many years. There has yet to be a cure discovered. The rates of HIV/AIDS are down by a couple percentage points, but there is still a lot of work to do. With Lodonal, it helps patients with HIV/AIDS raise their CD4 counts which is direclty linked to HIV/AIDS. Lodonal is the best treatment available today and  it will be mainstream very soon. 

"In line with other studies that showed a positive effect of LodonalTM in HIV+ patients, this 90- day trial once again solidifies the therapeutic role LodonalTM can have on HIV+ patients.The shorter duration of this study demonstrated that even within limited time frame, LodonalTM’s effects can be felt qualitatively and observed clinically. The lack of abnormal liver function means that the drug was well tolerated in the local population and the positive effects of LodonalTM in the first 30 days sustained after 30 days. Our results also seem to indicate that patients with lower CD4 count may fair better with LodonalTM than patients with values above 500. An increase in CD4 count would have a stabilizing effect on the immune system, thus reducing the chances of opportunistic infections and prolong life in patients with HIV. Dr. Cyril A. Allen, former Director of United Medical Center Washington DC and leading specialist in immune therapy, stated that “ ...the results of the study showed extremely good consistency with previous studies and it is important to note that this drug as an opiate antagonist has been used in studies since the 1970s. Moreover, the immunomodulatory effects of this drug have been well described in previous studies...”. - A Bridging study to Evaluate the Effects of LODONALTM as an Immune-System Regulating Agent in Subjects in which Immune System is Compromised: LODONALTM IN THE TREATMENT OF SUBJECTS WITH HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS (HIV)