Lodonal and HIV/AIDS in Africa

Lodonal is approved for HIV/AIDS treatment by the NAFDAC. Africa has the largest population with people living with this autoimmune disease. Lodonal has increased the health and overall life satisfaction of so many individuals living with these autoimmune diseases. It works by rebalancing the immune system allowing it to function properly again and fight diseases like HIV/AIDS. 

In a study involving a population in ARV treatment, LDN improved the CD4 count significantly relative to the control group after six months and marginally after nine months.  Although LDN also improved the CD4% over this period of time, those results were not statistically significant.  Taken together, the conclusion from the two studies strongly suggests that LDN has a promising role to play in treating HIV/AIDS. Lodonal has not been tested as a vaccine yet for HIV/AIDS which could be interesting to see as it has similar properties to PIKA.

"PIKA is a Toll-like receptor 3 agonist that TSRI believes “could activate innate immune signaling and induce a more robust immune response that confers protection against HIV infection” when paired with HIV vaccines, TSRI assistant professor Jiang Zhu said in a statement." - Fierce Biotech