Drug Prices are Ridiculous, Try Lodonal!

Most people can't afford all these medications. Being natural is of course the best way to go but if you really need something to help with a disease or pain then there should be an affordable option. Lodonal (or LDN or Low Dose Naltrexone) is affordable, it is effective and practically no side effects. Lodonal cost around $1 dollar a day, $30 dollars a months, or $360 dollars a year. Some people pay that much every month for their medication. And often times those medications make them feels worse or have side effects causing the patient to take other medications. We are LDNIM highly encourage you to get off all other medications and just take Lodonal. We have already discusses how cheap it is, but it is so effective for so many diseases. The reason for this being that it allows your body to increase its endorphin count boosting the immune system. It's especially effective for autoimmune diseases as Lodonal is considered an immune modulator, but it works great for the common cold or pain management. We can't speak highly enough about Lodonal.

These numbers are staggering. “Mylan’s Epipen is not even on our top 20 list for either high price increases or spending overall in 2015," said Andy Slavitt, acting administrator for the CMS. Those drugs on the list have been ongoing problems, he said, "with real patient impact and some are big stories waiting to happen.” His remarks to the Biopharma Congress in Washington, DC, came just days before Tuesday’s election and included a suggestion that things will change. He pointed to one culprit that has become more talked about in recent years, the cost of specialty drugs. Based on 2014 data, they represented 31.8% of costs but only 1% of prescriptions.