New Drug to Offset Chemo Resistance. Also try Lodonal?

Another great adjunct to chemo if you feel that is the best way to go, is Lodonal. As chemo destroys cells good and bad, Lodonal will help rebuild the good cells and also protect them in the first place. Lodonal can work as a stand alone drug as well. Many patients have found success in treating their cancer with Lodonal. "Furthermore, cells pre-treated with LDN were more sensitive to the cytotoxic effects of a number of common chemotherapy agents. For example, priming HCT116 with LDN before treatment with oxaliplatin significantly increased cell killing to 49±7.0 vs. 14±2.4% in cultures where priming was not used. Interestingly, priming with NTX before oxaliplatin resulted in just 32±1.8% cell killing. Our data support further the idea that LDN possesses anticancer activity, which can be improved by modifying the treatment schedule." 

Michael Gibney from Fierce Pharma talks about another drug that could help with chemo resistance. "Researchers at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia have found a new class of drugs that can reduce a tumor’s resistance to chemotherapy. The bromodomain and extraterminal (BET) domain inhibitor class of drugs has shown that, in combination with cisplatin, it can suppress activity of the enzyme ALDH in epithelial ovarian cancer cells. ALDH activity increases as a result of higher levels of ALDH1A1 protein created by cancer stem-like cells, contributing to chemo resistance. By suppressing the enzyme, the effect can be reversed, the study, published in Cancer Research, shows."