Lodona and HIV - LDN

"Seeking to deliver the “final nail in the coffin for HIV,” NIH scientists have kicked off a large clinical trial of a vaccine regimen this week in South Africa." - Fierce Vaccine

We really hope an effective vaccine for HIV is ready, easily available, and affordable to people in Africa and across the globe! But while we await this day, a company called Immune Therapeutics has been approved by the NAFDAC for treating HIV/AIDS. With plans to start distributing Lodonal across many African countries we could see a vast decrease in the amount of deaths due to HIV/AIDS. Lodonal works by modulating the immune system. HIV patients are deficient in their CD4 count. Lodonal can increase this CD4 count up to 40%. This is better than anyone else on the market right now. So until a vaccine can prevent everyone from getting HIV, we recommend using Lodonal to treat HIV/AIDS. 

"The primary objective of this Bridging trial was to confirm that Lodonal had a beneficial effect on the immune system of immune deficient patients and safety.  This was a single center, open labeled, randomized, bridging study of a 150 people. The Treatment Group was treated with 4.5 mg of Lodonal nightly in conjunction with antiretroviral. The Control Group was treated with antiretroviral plus placebo. The primary endpoints were efficacy and safety determined by a minimum increase of 25% in the CD4 count with no adverse effects on quality of life."