Lodonal Cost and Prices

▪ Lower production costs.

Unlike biologic agents, which cost between $12,000 and $150,000 a year, depending on the drug or indication being treated. Lodonal can be manufactured and delivered in Emerging Nations for under $.60 cents a day and $3,600 dollars a year in developed country underwritten to $10 dollars a month and MENK as a replacement for chemotherapy at under $10,000 dollars for an entire round of chemotherapy.

▪ Reduction Infections, Hospital Stays and Indirect Medical Cost

LDN could substantially reduce health care costs for a number of reasons (1) improves treatment of a wide array of diseases (2) Unlike immunosupression therapies Lodonal activate and re-balance the immune system rather then impair the immune system. (3) Reduction in the occurrence and undesirable opportunistic infections and associated illness (4) reduction in hospital caused infections due to comprised immune system (4) does not require strict medical supervision due to the non toxic nature of the therapy (5) has been shown to slow disease progression.

LDN and MENK can provide a higher quality, reduce infections and save million if not billions of dollars in both direct cost and indirect cost. (Examples) the indirect costs of UC and CD combined have been estimated at $3.6 billion, Type 1 diabetes also costs Medicare more than $2 billion each year just for renal dialysis. And the annual cost of treating RA in the United States is $10.9 billion in direct costs and $8.4 billion in indirect costs. HIV/AIDS still ranks 5th among the 14 diseases, with an indirect cost ranging from $890 to $2663 in Zaire and from $2425 to $5903 in Tanzania. The indirect costs are roughly 95% of the total costs