Lodonal and the different types of Cancer

"Celgene has acquired all of the biotech’s assets relating to its proteasome inhibitor, marizomib (MRZ), which is in development for glioblastoma (one of the most aggressive brain cancers) and relapsed and/or refractory multiple myeloma. Celgene now has full responsibility for the FDA orphan-tagged marizomib, and will pay the Toronto and San Diego-based Triphase to complete an ongoing Phase I relapsed refractory multiple myeloma (a cancer area it already caters for), as well as a midstage test in recurrent glioma, and another Phase I in newly diagnosed glioma. The drug is being tested in both IV and oral versions". - Ben Adams

Immune Therapuetics has a lot of similar qualities as Celgene did when it first started. Immune Therapeutics, responsible for Lodonal, treats many diseases and cancer being a large one. Lodonal specializes in autoimmune diseases like HIV/AIDS, Crohns, or MS, but has had countless success stories with cancer. Lodonal has been found to kill cancer cancer cells while enhancing healthy cells. 

According to The LDN Book, "what is remarkable is that LDN's efficacy is not confined to any singel tumor type, but involves melanoma, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, renal cell cancer, prostate cancer, and lymphomas among others. It has been shown, mainly through the work of Dr. Zagon, that low dose naltrexone are capable of suppressing tumor growth. It is an anti-inflammatory , a class of agents that have been proven to improve cancer outcomes."