Lodonal and Alzheimers

According to Oliver Worsley from Fierce Pharma, "As emergency healthcare improves and the global population ages, more people are faced with chronic diseases, such as neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Although an effective drug for Alzheimer's disease has yet to be seen, a new study has shown promise for an experimental drug in mice, and the results may extend to the human disease." 

We couldn't agree more that chronic diseases are taking a drastic effect on our population. With all the baby boomers becoming of age where diseases like Alzheimer's starts to develop. Fierce states that their has yet to be an effective drug and we think its awesome people are working very hard to help find a remedy. One thing we have found that works very effectively is Lodonal. It is not a cure, but there just might never be a cure. However it does help with the symptoms and allow the patient to function more normally. Alzheimers is linked to inflammation and Lodonal is an antiinflammatory. It works by boosting your endorphin levels by 300% and regulating your immune system so every category is with in the recommended range. The LDN Book says that "The mental and physical slowness that we see not only in Parkinson's Disease or in Alzheimer's, but also in depression, is likely relation to the low level of dopamine." The increase in endorphins will help rise levels of dopamine as well. If you or a loved one is suffering from Alzheimers we highly recommend Lodonal and it can help add some additional time with them. Not only will it add time but it will make their time much more bearable or even enjoyable!