Lodonal and Cancer and Patient Testimonials

We share a lot of clinical statistics and compare Lodonal to other treatments, but take it from doctors themselves who have used Lodonal to treat patients with Cancer, RA, and so much more.

"Dr. Berkson presented seven case reports on patients with advanced cancers (pancreatic and lymphomas) that he had treated over the past 10 years with a combination of ALA (intravenously and orally) and LDN (orally), along with diet, vitamins, and lifestyle changes. Earlier in his medical career, Dr. Berkson reported success using ALA to repair liver damage in patients from mushroom poisoning or chronic infections with hepatitis C virus. He also cited a number of research articles in European medical journals showing ALA’s beneficial effects on cancer.

Dr. Berkson learned about the use of LDN for treating cancer from a patient with advanced prostate cancer. He reported to Dr. Berkson after the successful therapy with LDN of both the patient’s cancer and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Subsequently, Dr. Berkson offered LDN to his patients with RA and other autoimmune diseases. “Within about a month, most of the patients were off all drugs and feeling completely normal on just LDN, at $15 a month,” he recalled. In his presentation of the case reports, Dr. Berkson reported uniformly positive responses and low toxicity from the ALA/ LDN regimen for each of the seven cancer patients. Of the seven cases presented by Dr. Berkson, four had pathology specimens reviewed through the NCI Best Case Series protocol. NIH and NCI specialists in radiological imaging (Dr. Elizabeth Jones) and pathology (Dr. Avi Rosenberg) reviewed the available medical imaging studies and pathology slides of the four cases. Of the four cases reviewed, three had confirmed pathologic diagnosis while one had a diagnosis that could not be definitively confirmed.

Dr. Berkson commented, “I try to discourage many cancer patients who call my office because I’m not an oncologist; however, I do work with cancer patients who are also seeing an oncologist.” He acknowledged that the ALA/LDN protocol works better for rheumatoid disease, “but I think it deserves some type of clinical trial in cancer patients as well.”