Share Off-Label Results like Lodonal with the Public

"Now that pharma has prevailed in free-speech legal battles concerning off-label marketing, it’s pushing the FDA to relax its regulations—and drugmakers believe the first step should involve sharing info with payers.That role has been growing over the past few years as payers fight high drug costs with more aggressive formulary management tactics. As meds battle their in-class rivals to keep prime positioning, it's in their makers’ best interests to have any positive data—even data that’s not yet part of their FDA-approved labels—in the hands of the decision-makers."

We agree we would like to see more information revealed to the public. That way the customer can make a more informed decision. Yes, it does take the trust and power away from the doctors but isn't that a good thing. The doctors will be forced to stay on top of their game because patients will be able to fact check them and do their own research. This would give little companies more of a fighting chance if they have a better product. A big pharma can not pay doctors to make them prescribe their products. If they people can see what results are the best, they will gravitate towards them. This would benefit Lodonal immensely because the numbers are amazing and we have seen tremendous results. Lodonal is prescribed off-label at the moment awaiting its FDA approval. If the general public had more access to these statistics we would see a large increase in people taking Lodonal. Wouldn't it be nice to have all the facts!