Lodonal and Alzheimer's and Arthritis

The plaque-forming protein amyloid has been implicated in diseases ranging from Alzheimer’s to cataracts. Now scientists at the Flanders Institute for Biotechnology in Belgium are perfecting a way to harness the protein and turn it into something good: a potential treatment for cancer. - Arlene Weintraub

This is a very interesting study as treating just one of those between Alzheimer's and Cancer would be a major mile stone. We will continue to watch this develop but in the mean we have seen Lodonal treat countless cancer patients and even some Alzheimers patients. "Some studies have shown a correlation between the central nervous system's level of dopamine metabolites and psychomotor activity. The mental and physical slowness that we see not only in Parkinson's disease or in Alzheimer's, but also in depression, is likely related to the low level of dopamine." - The LDN Book.  Alzheimer's has a lot of similar properties to these autoimmune disease that Lodonal specializes in. Mast those last couple years of life count! Don't let them be washed away by forgetting and struggling to remember what day it is. Stay sharp on Lodonal while at same time strengthening the rest of your immune system to protect your from other diseases including arthritis