Lodonal and Multiple Sclerosis

"Multiple sclerosis drugmakers are in a fix: These days, the U.S. market isn’t delivering the kind of growth that had been fueling big increases in sales." - Tracy Staton

Competition is always the best thing for the market. This drives fair market prices. A lot of times we see business with monopolies on products. Amazing how great of an analogy that game is for life. A great example would the epi pen had a monopoly and they exploited a weakness in the system. They were able to charge whatever they wanted and get away with it. But when there is competition it brings the prices down. There are a lot of bio tech companies out there making great strides in treating illnesses. 

There is one biotech company in particular Immune Therapeutics that has the patent rights for our beloved Lodonal (LDN). They are working on distributing Lodonal across the globe. They recently got NAFDAV approval over in Africa for HIV/AIDS. Lodonal, however, works for more than just HIV/AIDS. It works for many autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis or MS. Look at this graph showing patients improvement after taking Lodonal. It's a no brainer for all autoimmune diseases. It even makes sense for a healthy person as a preventative therapy. We wish Immune Therapeutics lots of success in their endeavors.